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The construction process is likely to be an emotional process that takes over your life. Choose your builder wisely! Too many people choose their builder based on cost alone which is important. However, too often builders will give a homeowner a low bid to get the job and once the job starts so do the “hidden” costs. You need to choose a builder that you trust and feel comfortable with. To ease your mind about your builder check their references and get more than one builder to bid your project. Make sure they are bidding the exact same plans and not something different from each other or you will not get a fair comparison of numbers.

Custom Homes


Whether you are wanting a traditional stick-built home or the energy efficient option of ICF, we are the leader in quality in Clearwater County.  Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are formwork for concrete that stay in place as permanent building insulation for energy-efficient, reinforced concrete walls, floors, and roofs. The forms are interlocking modular units that are dry-stacked (without mortar) and filled with concrete. The forms lock together somewhat like Lego bricks and serve to create a form for the structural walls or floors of a building.  We are a certified ICF contractor.



​We can build your shop to your specifications.  Want your shop energy efficient?  Contact us about ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms).

Home Additions


Whether you need to add a garage, add a deck, or add a bathroom, we can do it all.



Contact us to update your outdated bathroom or kitchen.


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